I deeply appreciate Millie Jackson’s intuitive style within her body and energy work. I know I am entering a healing and sacred space when I arrive to her therapeutic room. Millie has a wonderful balance of seriousness and good humor that allows me to relax into the moment.  She is gifted on many levels, and I always look forward to her feedback at the end of the session. I leave her office feeling aligned in mind, body and spirit. –M.M.

I started working with Millie Jackson several years ago. Over the past 15+ years, she has continued to learn her craft and become an even more effective practitioner with areas of expertise and specialization at her fingertips (literally) when needed. She helped me recover from shoulder and neck problems brought on by years of computer work. Her gentle question, “what needs attention?” before each session helps me feel like a co-participant in finding the best way to work with my body. –D.S.

Millie’s been my massage therapist for several years and has an uncommon ability to be professional and deeply caring. In addition to providing a wonderful therapeutic massage, she offers insightful suggestions on how to care for oneself between massages. I highly recommend Millie to anyone who’s looking to care for their body, mind and soul through massage therapy.–M.V.

Millie has been my massage therapist for two years and has been a blessing in my life.  She listens carefully to what you say about not only your body, but what’s going on in your life that could be affecting your body.  I am always refreshed and relaxed by her work, and look forward to each and every session. Although my husband has never enjoyed massage or believed it could offer him much in the way of health, I convinced him to seek her help when he was extremely ill.  The sessions with her pulled him out of extreme physical distress – when the medical doctors could not offer any assistance aside from pain relief. He quickly began to heal in a remarkable way and remains healthy today.–M.J.P.

I have gone to Millie Jackson for over 13 years on a regular basis and for occasional visits for a few years prior to that. I credit Millie as a major contributor to my overall mental and physical health.  I get both Reiki and massage every 2 weeks.  Reiki and Massage have helped my body heal in times of need and both keep my stress level managed. Millie has such a centering presence and her intuitive nature always knows what I need sometimes when I don’t. I recommend her to everyone I meet.–S.B.

I have been a part of the healing community since the mid 1980’s. I have had many Reiki sessions throughout that time. I found the sessions boring and ineffective, that is until I got on Millie’s table. I was blown away by the intense energetic flow and comforting heat coming through her hands. Instead of wondering when it was going to be over like my previous sessions, I slipped into a delicious timelessness.  I benefit greatly from Millie’s massage work and I always request that a portion of the session be dedicated to her unique energy work.–J.A.

Millie takes a holistic approach to wellness, checking in about various health factors before beginning a massage. She also makes note of changes over time for her regular clients. I’ve been going to her for years!–S.M.F.